The Access Initiative

Daniel Barragan has a Commercial Engineer degree from the Army Polytechnic School - ESPE, with masters studies in Project Management and postgraduate courses in Environmental Management and Sustainability and Social Responsibility at TEC de Monterrey. He is currently pursuing a master's degree in Environmental Management and Energy Efficiency at the Universidad Internacional de la Rioja. Former Projects Director and Executive Director of the Ecuadorian Center for Environmental Law – CEDA (2001 – 2015). The Access Initiative Ecuador’s coordinator (2004 -2015). In 2008 he joined the World Resources Institute (WRI) as Cynthia Helms Fellow. Currently is the Executive Director of the International Research Centre on Environment and Territory (CIIAT) at the University of the Hemispheres and part of the Board of the FTDE Foundation. He has been an instructor and speaker at various workshops and forums on issues of access to environmental governance, access rights, social responsibility and civil society issues.