The Access Initiative

Oxpeckers Investigative Environmental Journalism is Africa's first journalistic investigation unit focused on environmental issues. We combine traditional investigative reporting techniques with data analysis and geo-mapping tools to expose ecological and environmental offences in Southern Africa.

Our award-winning access to information tools include #MineAlert, #GreenAlertClimaTracker, PoachTracker and Rhino Poachers Court Cases.

Oxpeckers aims to improve the quality and impact of African environmental journalism by providing a home for investigative journalists interested in environmental issues, stimulating transnational and transcultural investigative reportage through project- or research-based Oxpecker Fellowships, and sharing investigative resources, source documents and data, as well as specialist tools and skills.

Oxpeckers also curates specialist environmental reporting or research projects on behalf of media partners and publishes its own exclusive environmental investigations, in mainstream, legacy and new media.

South Africa