Civil Society in Brazil Engages on the Latin America and Caribbean Regional Principle 10 Process

"Sao Paolo - Brazil" Courtesy of Michael Antranter

Courtesy of Michael Anranter via Creative Commons

By Devika Jaipuriar (Posted: August 12, 2014)

PROGRESS IN P10 IMPLEMENTATION As a significant outcome from Rio+20, 18 Governments have now adopted the Principle 10 Declaration for Latin America and the Caribbean on Environment and Development. ECLAC has created a [register of interest for civil society organizations across the region] ( to indicate their interest in getting updates about the regional process. Decisions have still to be taken whether this regional instrument will be legally binding or not this September 2014. Brazil currently co-chairs with Costa Rica the Working Group on designing the regional instrument. NEW CIVIL SOCIETY EFFORTS In early July, TAI partners from The Institute of Agricultural and Forest Management and Certification (Imaflora) and Article 19 drafted two documents intended for ECLAC and the Brazilian government regarding their issues and concerns about the proposed regional instrument. The documents submitted to ECLAC and the Brazilian Government ask for the creation of a legally binding regional instrument. The letter to the Brazilian government proposes the implementation of more actions to engage groups in Brazil to participate in the process including creating the instrument. These documents have been supported by 26 signatories including environmental organizations, foundations, network, and access to information lawyers. HOW TO GET INVOLVED Organizations and individuals interested in learning about Principle 10 can email or for more information. If you would like to participate in discussions or draft proposals about the proposed regional instruments, or gather news and official documents about the process, please visit the following site: Spanish: English: