It’s Time to Reach Out and Nominate Activists in Your Country to Join TAI!

By Carole Excell (Posted: June 11, 2014)

The Access Initiative network has been in existence for 14 years. We at the Secretariat are very proud of the accomplishments of the network, our partners and friends. The TAI Core Team leadership has made a decision to open up TAI to new organizations and individual members. This is for many reasons including: • to keep renewing our network with fresh views and ideas, • scale our impact at the national and international level • Ensure we do not lose champions when they change jobs, and • Build a more effective, sustainable and action-oriented network.

With the launch of the new membership Rules on May 1, 2014, TAI is now open to receiving the nominations of new champions for access rights, both in your own countries and new countries which currently do not have national lead organizations or chapters. TAI now even has an international members chapter.

It’s simple to nominate someone just post to the tai google group list serve

(a) That you are nominating someone who is not currently a member (b) name of nominee, (c) e-mail contact details of nominee (d) country of nominee and (e) background of the organization or individual provided by the nominator, including examples of recent access related work done by the organization or individual and flagging of any potential conflicts of interest of the nominee with TAI network or goals.

We encourage you to participate and share your ideas about how we can make TAI a stronger and more vibrant network and who you would like to invite to nominate as a new member. We look forward to seeing nominations on the TAI Partners google group.

Thanks, TAI Secretariat