Open Government Partnership Annual Summit

By Megan Daley (Posted: October 9, 2013)

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) Summit will be held in London October 30 - November 1. OGP was created 2 years ago and strives to encourage transparency throughout the world through government reform. Representatives from civil society organization, businesses, and governments will meet to discuss the successes, issues, and future agenda of OGP. The London summit will also serve to welcome new countries, announce new themes, new multilateral partnerships, and a prize competition. Among the policy issues to be discussed:

•Open data: opening up government data to boost entrepreneurship, growth and accountability •Government integrity: fighting corruption and strengthening democracy through transparent government •Fiscal transparency: ensuring taxpayers can follow public money •Empowering citizens: improving the relationship between citizens and governments •Natural resource transparency: ensuring natural resources are used for public benefit

This summit aims to encourage representatives to share their experience with each other in an effort to energize transparency efforts worldwide. Objectives include encouraging a more interactive and participatory civil society, motivating transparency advocates around the world, and translating ideas into actions while tracking its progress.

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