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The Bolivian Ministry of the Environment and Water Has Opened a Documentation Center on Environmental Quality

By Theresa Flores (Posted: May 17, 2009) 

The Ministry of the Environment and Water, in April, opened a center to provide access to information on Environmental Quality. This Centre for the first time makes available to the public Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Licenses. Access to this information is vital for the communities to raise their voices and concerns about the projects that may impact their lives.

The Vice Minister of the Environment, Biodiversity and Climate Change, Juan Pablo Ramos, who is the country’s main environmental authority, said that opening the Center forms part of their commitments to the Partnership for the Principle 10.

According to the Law this information had to be available to the public, but it never was due to the bureaucracy that did not care for the interests of the public. The vice ministry is also advancing in setting a National System of Environmental Information because it considers a priority the public access to information.

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