Welcome to TAI's new website!

The Access Initiative is pleased to introduce our redesigned website, which represents not only a new look, but a new way of presenting our work, our impact, and our resources. The Access Initiative (TAI) is a network of organizations from all around the world. Given our broad global reach, it is especially important for us to share ideas, foster collaboration and to use this website as the online foundation for building a strong social and environmental justice movement.

We began the process of redesigning our website bearing in mind that the way people interact with us, understand our work, and access our resources has been critical to growing our membership and increasing our impact over the past 15 years.   We know that it is only when we effectively share our learning and the exciting projects of TAI members that we can continue to create a community of evidence-based advocates focused on access to information, public participation and accountability (collectively known as “access rights”).

 It is our belief that many of the tools we have created will be of use to groups across the world who seek to improve the laws and practices on access rights which are central to achieving the substantive right to a healthy environment.

The TAI community represents a diverse blend of human rights activists, global think tanks, lawyers, grass roots communities, conservation organizations and women’s groups. Our new website will enable all the voices in our network to share stories of access rights from Latin America, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, Europe, and beyond. Whether you are a TAI member, or a first time visitor here, we hope our website will allow you to:

  • Easily identify our partners and their work;
  • Understand the mission and impact of TAI;
  • Utilize our infographics, publications, charts and other resources;
  • Gain access to the latest news and information on access rights, and;
  • Understand why access rights are vital to people around the world who are fighting to ensure environmental decisions are made transparently with the participation of the public and that environmental justice is assured.

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Thank you very much for the information, congratulations is a page that will contribute to the strengthening of information for all users.