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Environmental Democracy Index Score

Gabon received a fair score on the Transparency and Justice pillars, but scored poorly on the Participation pillar. As for the Transparency pillar, the law establishes the public’s right to access environmental information; however, most government agencies are not required to make environmental information proactively available to the public. The public has the right to participate in a wide range of environmental decision making, however there are no requirements to proactively provide information to the public on these opportunities. Regarding the Justice pillar, the public may challenge decisions that impact the environment, but the laws do not provide assistance mechanisms to reduce financial and gender-based barriers to access to justice. By addressing these issues, Gabon could ensure that environmental information is available to the public, the public is made aware of their opportunities to participate, and the poor can obtain access to justice.

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Croissance Saine Environnement Council and Administration is the TAI Gabon Coalition lead. It is an environmental non-governmental organization which aims to ensure the protection of the environment and good governance in Gabon and the greater African region. The organization advocates for a green economy, access to information, access to justice, and public participation in environmental decisions making.