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Environmental Democracy Index Score

Hungary scored very well on the Transparency pillar, and received good scores for the Justice and Participation pillars. For the Transparency pillar, Hungary’s Freedom of Information Act requires the government to respond quickly to public requests for environmental information, and to make environmental information proactively available. As for the Participation pillar, most laws require government agencies to provide opportunities for public input at an early stage in the decision making process, but only a few laws require government agencies to proactively seek public input on decisions relating to environmental matters. Strong provisions to ensure effective enforcement of a wide range of environmental decisions helps boost the Justice pillar score. Hungary is also a signatory to the legally binding Aarhus Convention on environmental democracy.

Visit the Environmental Democracy Index to explore the EDI score.

Hungary is a party to the Aarhus Convention. The Hungary chapter has been active in assessing the national legal framework and its implementation relating to access rights since 2000. The national lead organization of the Hungary TAI chapter is Environmental Management and Law Association (EMLA). EMLA has been a founding member of TAI since 2000 and has been participating in TAI-related activities at the national, regional, and international level since then.

The TAI Hungary chapter took part in shaping the first TAI assessment methodology (2001), presented the findings of the first nine pilot assessments at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg (2002), helped expand the coverage by TAI in Europe (2003), hosted a Core Team Meeting (2004), participated in refining the assessment methodology (2005) hosted a Regional Meeting (2006), performed a sectoral assessment of the forestry sector in Hungary (2007), and participated in the pilot studies for the Environmental Democracy Index (EDI) (2013 and 2014) while currently being active in drafting the Aarhus Convention Index methodological framework. In addition, TAI Hungary is active in networking with other environmental and access rights NGOs across Europe, with EU institutions and UNECE bodies seated in Brussels and Geneva, respectively, and is a member of Justice and Environment and the European Network of Environmental Law Organizations.


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