The Access Initiative




Environmental Democracy Index Score

TAI Malawi was formed in collaboration with other TAI Africa partners, with the core team selection based on expertise in areas of law and policy, environment and natural resources management, capacity building and public outreach.


The lead organization, Centre for Environmental Policy and Advocacy (CEPA), began the initiative of analyzing the environmental legislative framework and implementation practices in Malawi in relation to the three pillars of Principle 10. The team comprised researchers from CEPA and other TAI Malawi members, Coordination Unit for Rehabilitation of the Environment, and Training Support for Partners. This team engaged in the research component of the initiative, identifying case studies from various sectors and using TAI indicators to measure and monitor government performance in order to identify gaps and recommend priority actions.

As the national lead, CEPA is a public interest policy think tank for ideas and action-oriented research to promote improved environment and natural resource management in Malawi. In 2009, CEPA facilitated enactment of the revised framework Environment Management Bill and the Access to Information Bill. CEPA also facilitated major steps in increasing access to environmental justice in collaboration with Malawi agencies in 2010 by creating more accessible mechanisms for the public to channel their environmental injustice complaints.