The Access Initiative

Saint Lucia

The Saint Lucia coalition is led by the Saint Lucia National Trust. It is an active partner in the ongoing negotiations for a regional instrument on Principle 10 and helped support the Environmental Democracy Index.


Environmental Democracy Index Score

Saint Lucia received a fair score for the Justice pillar and scored poorly on the Transparency and Participation pillars. While the constitution grants a broad right to access information on request, the government is not obligated to proactively make environmental information available to the public. As for the Participation pillar, Saint Lucia scored poorly because there are very few opportunities where the public has the right to participate in environmental decision making. The government is also not obligated to account for public comments when making decisions. Regarding the Justice pillar, the law does not provide an appeal procedure when environmental information requests are denied. Furthermore, the law does not ensure that court decisions on environmental matters will be enforced promptly. On the positive side, the public can challenge the implementation and enforcement of environmental laws.

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