UNEP's Access to Information Policy

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) released it’s first-ever access to information policy  on June 27th 2014.  WRI and TAI advocated strongly that this policy be adopted. The new policy has been confirmed and now we need your help to make it work by  submitting requests to UNEP. Don’t delay: ask for information today!


UNEP’s pilot Access to Information policy has been adopted and it needs to be utilised.  The Access Initiative wants your help to help us test the utility of UNEP’s current Access to Information policy. Requests for information can be made about anything within UNEP’s Mandate  climate change,  disasters and conflicts, ecosystem management,  environmental governance,  chemicals and waste,  energy and resource efficiency.  Facilitation of major, global treaties e.g. the Basel Convention, Convention on Biological Diversity. Do this simply by sending a request for information to UNEP and then sharing the results with us.

Supporting Resources

Comments on Policy by Access Initiative


Take Action

Send your requests to Access-to-Information Desk United Nations Environment Programme Address: P.O.Box 30552, Nairobi 00100, Kenya Phone: +254 20 7621234 Email: unepinfo@unep.org

More Information

Please fill out the below Google form which allows you to copy the request to our google database which we will us to track the results of requests.