The Access Initiative

Strengthening the Right to Information for Public Health and Environmental Quality

Published: 2011

This power point presentation describes the SHRIMP -EQ Project -Strengthening the right to information for public health and environmental quality. It features our partners Indonesia Center for Environmental Law and Thailand Environmental Institute. The project uses Freedom of information laws to obtain data on pollution control processes in relation to air and water in the two countries. It encourages governments to begin to release information proactively instead of reactively. Community groups in

Indonesia – Tubanan village, Central Java affected by the Tanjung Jati B coal Steam fired power plant ( AIR)

Pontang village, Serang, Banten. Indah Kiat Pulp and Paper (IKPP) (WATER)

Thailand – Nong Fab and Clong Num Hoo in Map ta Phut

are being capacitated to use their right to information to access information to promote accountability of government and private sector companies. Secrecy is prevelant in many countries about air and water quality data. Weak monitoring and enforcement mandates prevail. SHRIMP -EQ aims to change this dynamic and bring change on the ground to these communities.


Carole Excell, Joseph Foti, Wannipa Soda (Contributor), Dyah Paramita (Contributor)


Indonesia Center for Environmental Law

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