The Access Initiative

Welcoming New Members to The Access Initiative

By Carole Excell (Posted: May 22, 2014)

About TAI

The Access Initiative (TAI) is a network of over 200 civil society organizations and individuals from around the world dedicated to ensuring that local communities have the rights and abilities to gain access to information, to participate in decisions that affect their lives and environment and to access justice mechanisms when laws are not enforced.

Benefits of Membership

TAI has been in existence for 14 years, and we are now looking to expand our membership to include like-minded organizations and individuals who believe that transparencyparticipation and accountability are fundamental to saving our planet for future generations. Our new membership rules make it much easier for people to become members. By being part of this network, you can have access to:

  • International Advocacy: Gain opportunities for international advocacy as a network
  • Learning: Have the ability to learn about the work of other activists within the network
  • Assessment Tools: Develop new tools and use existing TAI-developed assessment tools like the Environmental Democracy Index and Rapid Institutional Analysis for Adaptation (ARIA)
  • Capacity: Expand your abilities and capacity through utilization of tools and the network
  • TAI Website Postings: Profile your work through tools such as blogs on the TAI website

We believe reaching out to gain new members is important for:

  • Expansion: Continue renewing our network with fresh views and ideas
  • Impact: Scale our impact at the national and international level
  • Retention: Ensure we do not lose champions when they change jobs
  • Improvement: Build a more effective, sustainable and action-oriented network

How to Gain TAI Membership

Prospective members must be nominated by an existing TAI member or by the TAI Secretariat. To express interest in joining the network, you can also fill out a quick form using this link. The information provided in the form will not be made public; it will be used solely by the TAI Secretariat to keep track of interested individuals.

Let us know if you are interested in joining TAI!

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