The Access Initiative

Holistic and Integrated Approach to Access Rights (HIAAR)

Holistic and Integrated Approach to Access Rights (HIAAR)

TAI members in Malaysia are working to create a stronger network to empower other NGOs and CSO Coalitions.  The network will work through structural and meaningful partnerships to achieve their own goals while strengthening the underlying importance of Access Rights and the various information resource and tools  provided by TAI.



The main objective is to create networks of NGOs/CSOs that will leverage on each other strength while synergizing on its purpose. Pilot projects initiated under this campaign will always focus on creating a strong value chain between all actors that will institutionalize solutions between NGOs, Communities, and Local Governments. This network will provide a stronger advocacy voice that will result in better policies and action plans by authorities and government.

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Associated Members:
  • Friends of Kota Damansara
  • Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
  • Coalition for Good Governance
    • Suaram
    • Empower
    • Friends of Kelana Jaya
    • PERMAS
  • Coalition for Governance, Integrity, Accountability & Transparency
    • Transparency International (Malaysia)
    • IDEAS
    • Citizens Network for a Better Malaysia