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The Way Forward: Progress and Challenges in the Implementation of Principle 10 from Around the World

TAI has been in existence for 10 years and has documented numerous case studies on the establishment and strengthening of the right to information, public participation and justice. Our partner’s and other advocates experiences speak to the continued struggle for attainment of the promise of environmental democracy. These case studies reflect the most recent information we have collected on progress in the implementation of principle 10 of the Rio Declaration but also current challenges and opportunities for change. The Rio 2012 Summit process is an opportunity to recognize the progress that has been made but also to address the continuing gaps in accountability, and the lack of foresight of a number of governments which have failed to establish access rights for their citizens. The case studies also highlight the critical need for building capacity and strengthening the gap between policy, law and practice. Years of struggle by environmental advocates and their work to save the environment from harm, to push for transparency and accountability and seek justice in the public interest need to be recognized at RIO 2012. For a discussion on “renewing the political commitment for sustainable development” and “assessing the progress to date and remaining gaps in the implementation of the outcomes of the major summits” to be credible it must address environmental governance, accountability and transparency.

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Carole Excell


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