The Access Initiative

Voice and Choice: Opening the Door to Environmental Democracy

Published: 2008

Voice and Choice: Opening the Door to Environmental Democracy assesses the progress governments have made to provide access to environmental decisions and, in the hope of moving forward, evaluates what hurdles remain and how they might be overcome. This report is for “access proponents”—members of government, civil society, business, and intergovernmental organizations committed to promoting access, and eager to learn what has worked and why. Voice and Choice brings together academic literature on public participation with the experiences of access advocates and practitioners around the world. Most significantly, this report captures the findings of The Access Initiative (TAI)—the largest network of civil society organizations to assess and promote transparencyinclusiveness, and accountability in environmental decision-making.

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Joseph Foti, Lalanath de Silva, Jacob Werksman, Linda Shaffer, Jonathan Talbot, Heather McGray