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Water and Open Government Declaration

A description of the development and need for the Water and Open Government Declaration.The Water and Open Government Community of Practice
(CoP), supported by FundaciĆ³n Avina, Stockholm International Water Institute, Water Integrity Network and the World Resources Institute, aims to strengthen water and sanitation (WASH) services for all and ensure the needs of vulnerable, marginalized communities are considered. The CoP will focus on open government reforms and leverage the Open Government Partnership
(OGP), a voluntary international partnership, to increase transparency, participation, accountability and social equity in WASH. A joint initiative of the CoP, governments, civil society
and water advocates is working to create a Water and Open Government Declaration, which will support countries in defining commitments for achieving their Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) on water and sanitation by 2030. The Declaration is an international call for ambitious action in WASH decision-making, offering an opportunity to increase collaboration and define global priorities on tracking improvements in water access and sanitation worldwide. 


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